In contrast to the common thought, the secrets of success in this type of industry are transparency, clarity and careful programming. PubliGroup Italia represents the most integrated, international, complex and well-structured technical- relational organisation in Italy. 

In the World of economics, being directly dependent on the institutions.


Communication is the foundation of any solid successful activity. Without an adequate, well-programmed and meticulously studied communication plan, it is almost impossible to reach satisfactory goals. PubliGroup Italia has taken care, for many years, of business communication in politics and for institutions. Starting with direct and indirect communication, leveraging mass media of all entities and the most modern means of web and social communication, we are able to transform a needle in an elephant and then, if necessary, return it to its original condition.


Indeed the distinctive element of PubliGroup Italia is our professional and political network that we have acquired in different countries. Political network, meaning, not only the elected members in the institutions with whom we are in good relations, but also the more complex and articulated World of directors, officers, employees and assistants who are the decision-making key men holding the bureaucratic power in and outside Europe. We are able to achieve your project by identifying the right meeting point between your personal interest and the collective interest. Matching transparency, clarity and interests for the common good with our network, proved to be a winning combination in addition to your service.

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